Various broken wires of stainless steel wire rope

1. When the steel wire is cut off by a sharp object, the end face of the steel wire is broken in an inclined plane along the steel wire;

2. The corroded steel wire is broken through three times of bending and pursing, the end of the fracture is warped, and the end face is rough; the end face is warped, and the end face is rough;

3. Hydrogen embrittlement fracture is mainly caused by long pickling time or long-term immersion in alkaline condition. Hydrogen embrittlement fracture surface and steel wire axis are sharp and rough;

4. The main reason for the formation of martensite structure and fracture surface is that Tianli steel wire rope is impacted and attached at a certain moment during operation;

5. The erosion fatigue fracture has the characteristics of erosion and destruction at the tip, which is cone-shaped and has the characteristics of normal corrosion at the same time;

6. Wear fatigue fracture, after plastic wear, the steel wire is broken after repeated winding and stretching, and the fracture is saw strip;

7. One part of the fracture is in a positive angle, and all of them are split, but the fracture surface is relatively lubrication;

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