Light luxury is not so much a popular fashion


Jan 20,2022

New opportunities come from the continuous release of consumption potential. China has a huge market of 1.4 billion people, which is an important engine of global economic growth. As of November, Japan's exports to China have maintained a positive growth for five consecutive months. The operating revenue of Zeiss in China in the latest fiscal year has reached 8 billion yuan, which makes China surpass the United States and Germany and become the largest market of Zeiss in the world It is predicted in a report that China's middle-income group will reach 800 million in the next 15 years, with strong consumption upgrading momentum and huge potential. The meeting put forward "adhering to the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand", stressed that "effective institutional arrangements must be made in reasonably guiding consumption, savings and investment", and made supporting policy arrangements such as expanding consumption, promoting employment and increasing investment. Ding Ke, a researcher at Japan's Asian Economic Research Institute, believes that the meeting proposed to adhere to expanding domestic demand, pay attention to demand side management, optimize the income distribution structure, and expand the middle-income group, which are very important for China to form a strong domestic market and achieve high-quality development.

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