What does the great heat represent


Feb 16,2022

The great heat is the twelfth of the 24 solar terms, which means that half of the year has passed. It also means that the hottest time of the year is coming, and the temperature will become extremely high on this day.
The hottest solar term of the year -- the great heat. After this day, the high temperature will continue everywhere. In some places, there may be high temperature weather of centigrade, which is also the time when crops grow fastest.
At the same time, the arrival of the great heat may be accompanied by drought, flood, waterlogging and other disasters, and it is also an early warning that people should pay attention to rush harvest, rush planting and drought drainage. There is also to remind people to pay attention to summer.
The Chinese people divide the great heat into three periods. In the first phase, there will be a lot of fireflies; in the second stage, it will be very hot and humid; when the third time comes, there will be thunderstorms, and the weather will gradually turn cool. At this time, the beginning of autumn is coming.
We must pay attention to heatstroke prevention for the hot and hot solar terms. People have the custom of drinking herbal tea in the hot summer days, which has the effect of cooling and heat removing, and can also keep healthy. After all, it's made of Chinese medicine.

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