The origin and customs of the Double Seventh Festival


Feb 16,2022

"Tanabata" is the day when  Niulang and Zhinu meet in the sky, which is the "Valentine's Day" of Du China.
The seventh day of July is the Valentine's day of  people in China. Some people call it Qiqiao Festival, qiqixi or daughter's day. 
This day is the most important day for the daughter's family.
The reason why the seventh day of July is called Qiqiao is because it is said that on that day, the Cowherd and the weaver girl will meet in Tianhe,
 and the daughter's family will worship the sky with fruits and melons at night, begging for the goddess's skill.
In addition to the skill of knitting women, they also beg for marriage. Therefore, countless sentimental men and women in the world will pray for their marriage
 in the starry sky in the dead of night.
When it comes to the Chinese Valentine's day, we have to mention the folk love story - Cowherd and weaver girl. The Chinese Valentine's day, 
which they meet once a year, is regarded as a symbol of love by amorous children. Their love tragedy has left a deep impression in the hearts of every Chinese.
Therefore, on the night of Chinese Valentine's Eve, passionate people pray for eternal love to the starry sky in the dark night.

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